Personal Finance Milestone Ages

At the May 2017 conference of the Financial Planning Association on New Jersey, the concept of a “standard of care” for financial planning clients was discussed. In other words, similar to medical standards of care (e.g., having a colonoscopy starting at age 50 and regular blood pressure and bone density tests), certain age-based milestones tell people the key actions to take at different ages.

The following financial activities often take place at various decades of a person’s life:

20s and 30s- Debt repayment and household formation

40s and 50s- Peak earnings and wealth accumulation

60s- Preparation for retirement and retirement

70s and Above- Transitions and wealth distribution


Especially during later life, there are many age-related financial milestones. The table below lists those that take place from age 50 through age 70 ½. Like medical milestones, which are generally determined by research, financial milestones are grounded in facts, typically tax laws and other legislation.


Want to improve your personal finances? Search the words “Financial Milestones for Adults” online and find articles that describe the age-related financial milestones that apply to you.

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